Erlanger Value Lines at 12:35 P.M. EDT

This morning SPY has traded towards resistance (red line). Right now we are trading right around the day’s 1 hour high (grey line). Let’s see if we can hold the gains into the close.

evl wsr

Below is the legend for the valuelines. Pay attention to key levels through the day.

evl legend

Friday’s WTF Moment: Betting Against Oil

Trying to top tick a short is a great way to get your butt kicked. That said, I am really amazed at the number of players trying to call a intermediate term top in oil as it continues to move higher. Sure many of the energy stocks are pulling back after a month of gains between 20-30%. That is normal.

Below is a daily chart of USO and clearly there is nothing technically that shows any trouble ahead. You have been warned if you are short USO or OIL.



Ranger Trader Hell Ahead?

Today’s video from Phil Erlanger of Erlanger Research and Good Morning Wall, is a great one for all investors to watch. Usually this is reserved for clients, but today we decided to release it for the world to see. Hope you enjoy.

There are some great comments on the dollar.

Better Ways to Follow the VIX

Is there a better way to follow the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) than simply looking at price chart? We believe so and detail how to better look at the VIX.


Using Breadth as a Measure of Bias – Part 3

This is third in our series on market breadth. We continue to show advanced ways of discerning value from the advance/decline line.


Using Breadth as a Measure of Bias – Part 2

Today is the second of three educational videos on breadth. The first video looked at breadth and what it is. This video goes furtherand shows you how to better interpret breadth using some of our proprietary indicators like our spreader as well as Market 1 and 6 month Hi Low cumulative advance decline lines.


Using Breadth as a Measure of Bias – Part 1

Today is the first of three educational videos on breadth. Breadth is the difference between the advancers versus decliners.


Market Commentary Video on Grinding

Last week Phil Erlanger produced a great video on the status of the market. It is worth a watch as we enter the second quarter.

How to Read the First Hour Range

On a gap open day it is important to read the first hour range.

In This Video, We Discuss Handling Opening Gaps

This morning we appear to have a gap down open. In this video, we discuss handling opening gaps. Enjoy!