August Market Outlook – Are Economists Analysts Good at Forecasting Turning Points in Economy?

I put together this outlook last week. At the end of this outlook I write: I’ve pointed out the last few outlooks that this economic and market cycle is aging, and caution must be considered with investment decisions. According to the forecasts above, … [Read more...]

August Economic Outlook, This Month a Brief Look at China

August Economic Outlook, This Month a Focus on China There are headwinds facing the U.S. economy: a strong dollar; the EU and Greece are still problems; China is slowing and their stock markets have turned bearish, and all the debt they issued the last … [Read more...]

July Market Outlook

Bullish Case Earnings are expected to be better in 2016, and the market should start reflecting better earnings later this year.  The U.S. has low inflation and that could help keep interest rates low. Low inflation gives the Fed more time and … [Read more...]

July Economic Outlook

July Economic Outlook Since we’re half way through 2015, it’s a good time to review the first half of 2015. We will also look at where we are in this economic and interest rate cycle. Summary The U.S. economy continues to grow with low inflation … [Read more...]

June Market Outlook

June Market Outlook Many stocks and major indexes have been stuck in trading ranges for much of the year. The reasons for the lackluster performance include: the dollar and its impact on revenue and profits, low oil prices and weak energy industry … [Read more...]

June Economic Outlook

June Economic Outlook This economy slow growth has frustrated job seekers, businesses, consumers, investors, economists, politicians….In this issue I update the “New Normal” – the U.S. slower economic growth. As I normally provide each month, I will … [Read more...]

Major Markets Marching Towards 2013 Price Targets

One Last Energy Recommendation for 2013  Summary  GDP and employment continue to recover, but the payroll tax and the sequester could be a drag on the economy and revenue growth for companies Earnings were good this earnings season, but … [Read more...]

Gold Prices Plunge! What Does This Mean For Its Future?

"The yellow metal is down 24 percent from its highs. Is this the end of the gold bull? Or is it a temporary correction? "I believe it’s temporary! In fact, I expect to see huge amounts of capital flowing back into gold, taking the prices far above their … [Read more...]

A Small Island in the Mediterranean Sea Reminds Us of Risks of the Global Financial System

Another Energy Company Recommendation Summary The Cyprus banking crisis was a major recent event, and it reminds us of the global risks investors face. The markets reflect the many positives of the economy: an accommodative Fed; low inflation … [Read more...]

“Don’t Be Deceived: The Shortage of Cheap Oil is Real, and Long-Lasting!”

“Recent media reports claim that new reserves like the Bakken formation will provide abundant oil, make America self-sufficient, and bring oil prices back down. Rubbish! “Oil prices will remain high for years to come. Here are seven reasons why!” As the … [Read more...]