Rebel Yell: Russia’s Putin: Willing to NUKE them!

  ISIS Waging Global War of Terror! Russia's Putin: Willing to NUKE them. One Nuke used would turn the world's financial markets upside-down!               Note: We will be referring to ISIS in our editorials as Daash Note: We … [Read more...]

Putin’s Master Plan

Rebel Yell: Putin's Russia Takes Steps to Raise the World Market Price of Oil Between the economic sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies over Russian aggression in the Ukraine last year and the nose-dive in the price of oil from the mid … [Read more...]

Rebel Yell: Update Gold, Silver and Precious Metal Stocks

Rebel Yell: Update Gold, Silver and Precious Metal Stocks Many commodities (oil, copper, iron ore, gold, silver…) are in bear markets. The reasons for the weakness in prices include: China shifting from a manufacturing, export economy to a consumer … [Read more...]

Rebel Yell: L-T Trends for Gold, Dollar, Silver and Precious Metal Stocks

Update: Long-Term Trends for the Dollar, Gold, Silver and Precious Metal Stocks It’s an excellent idea to look at the long-term charts of the investments you own or are considering. From time to time, we do look at the long-term trends of the markets, … [Read more...]

Collectors, Investors and even Rare Coin Dealers, Falling Victim!

Some new suggestions on how to buy and sell safely! By James DiGeorgia Over the years I have preached to collectors and investors just like you, to be careful not to give their rare coins and or precious metals to ANY dealer or broker for … [Read more...]

“Coming Your Way: Debt Defaults and a Bond Meltdown!”

“While Congress bickers about spending cuts and prepares to fight over the debt ceiling—again!—there are not one but two far more serious financial crises approaching. “As investors, we can and must prepare for the fallout. Thankfully, there’s one single … [Read more...]

Could Gold and the US Dollar Rise in Tandem?

Featured is the weekly gold chart, with the US dollar at the top.  Five times during the past five years did gold and the US dollar rise in tandem.  The sixth time could happen any day.  In 1973 and in 2005, gold and the mining stocks rose along with the … [Read more...]

“Will the Bond Market Melt Down in 2013?”

“The ongoing circus in Washington has grave implications for the US bond market, and therefore for your investments as well. “This month: the three major threats to the bond market, and three paths to making big profits from the current turmoil!” “When … [Read more...]

Goldman Sachs Dead Wrong on Gold!

Gold Investors Should Prepare for New Highs Major investment firms have a pretty great strategy when it comes to producing the outcomes that they desire the most. In effect, this strategy involves saying something might or might not end up being true, … [Read more...]

Where Gold is Going in Today’s Global Market

Wall Street today is of the belief that gold and the related commodity stocks will hover where they are for the coming year. The thought is that interest rates will be rising. Goldman Sachs cut their twelve-month forecast by 7.2 percent with this … [Read more...]