Positive Outlook For Q4 With 90% Chance Of Success

This morning Fundstrat Global Advisors Tom Lee wrote that "We find clients more scared than any time since 2009". This is good not bad news as extreme fear usually signals a bottom. Lee went on to note that, "Whenever you have a down Q3, Q4 is up 90% of … [Read more...]

Tuesday Briefing

This morning we link to The New York Times and its Tuesday Briefing. We have an early meeting and this will replace Market Matters for today. It will return tomorrow. Tuesday Briefing … [Read more...]

A Sad Day

This morning we learned that New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra passed away yesterday at the ripe old age of 90. He was a three time American League MVP. In addition, he was now for his great quotes. Perhaps the most appropriate quote for today is, "The … [Read more...]

Take A Chill Pill

September 21, 2015 This morning CNBC has good article on the latest China Beige Book (CCB) survey that the perception is much worse than the reality. As such, Chinese equity markets should begin to calm down. Chine Beige Book   … [Read more...]

China Still Struggling To Find A Bottom

There are several types of bottoms. The best is a "V" bottom. The next best is a "U" and the worst is a "L" bottom. Currently, China is in a U bottom that could become a L bottom. This morning we awake to find China still in its "Groundhog Day" moment. … [Read more...]

Federal Reserve Action This Week A Close Call

With four days left until the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) announced whether it will raise interest rates, it is still too close a call to make. Either way the volatility could spike on Thursday. FOMC Announcement   … [Read more...]

Never Forget

Today is the anniversary of 9/11. It is a somber day for me given that I lived in New York at the time, lost friends, had been in the Towers a couple weeks before and was flying from Paris to New York when the attack happened. Fourteen years later we are … [Read more...]

China Trade Data

It is more important to pay attention to how stocks react to the news than the news itself. Last night China reported dismal trade data that The New York Times reviewed this morning. So why are stocks rallying worldwide? May because the worst of the news … [Read more...]

Stop The Madness

People love their guns. But as a society guns have become a huge problem. It is rare I weigh in on an issue that is not investment related. This is one of those times. You see I cannot stand by and watch the madness continue without informing you the … [Read more...]

Is The Real Crisis In China?

Mainland Chinese stocks had a HUGE move from November up over 130%. So the three week crash is gaining media coverage. Funny that the 130% rise did not stir such coverage. 1929 Comparisons   … [Read more...]