Merger Monday

It’s Monday and that must mean it is Merger Monday. Dollar Tree (DLTR) is buying rival Family Dollar (FDO) for $74.50 which is a 23% premium to Friday’s close.

Merger Monday


Must See TV

Yesterday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. EDT CNBC aired a pre-recorded interview between President Obama and CNBC Reporter Steve Leisman. It is worth watching. The potential for tax reform is there. Tax inversions are the reason. Make sure to watch and become an informed citizen.

Obama Interview


Europe Gains On Strong Economic Data

Euro Zone Purchasing Managers’ Indexes (PMI)were stronger than expected as the third quarter begins.

Euro Zone PMIs



Gold faces a move lower if U.S. economic data due this week comes in strong. An improving economy will hurt the price of gold.


Space Exploration

45 years ago Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. Aldrin has higher space exploration sights, Mars. Too bad our President does not share this vision. The Space Race of the 1960s highlighted in The Right Stuff spurred huge innovation and the technology boom. Hint for the President: we need another space race.

Space Exploration


Putin Cornered

Russian President is risking becoming the outcast of the world for his stance on the shooting down of Flight MH17.



Israel & Ukraine

The back and forth over Ukraine and Israel is getting to be a bit redundant almost ground hog day like.




China Beat But Stocks Fail To React

China reported Q2 GDP grew at 7.5% versus estimates of 7.4%. Good news. However, the Asian markets barely moved.



Stocks in Europe are weaker today on the German ZEW Survey that came in weaker and Banco Espirito Santo hit a new low.

European Weakness


R.V. and Boat Sales On the Rise

Bloomberg this morning reports that R.V. and boar sales are on the rise. These sales reflect consumer willingness to spend discretionary dollars. Ergo, confidence is on the rise in the U.S. economy.

Consumers Back?