China & Russia Team Up For War Games

This morning The Los Angeles Times reports that China and Russia are holding joint naval exercises. The location, the Mediterranean Sea.

This follows a visit to Russia by Chinese President Xi Jinping. We need to really think about the implications of this move.

British Election Off The Worry List

Markets like to worry about things. Tonight it appears that Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative Party remains in charge. However, one party may not gain majority control. This is okay but not the best solution.

Cameron is key to Great Britain remaining in the European Union though it floats its own currency. For more we would look at today’s story in the New York Times,

Chart Of The Week Courtesy Of Good Morning Wall Street

We are going to continue making Thursday our chart section in only Superstock Investor. That said, we are changing the format. Each Thursday in Wall Street Rebel we have moved to doing a Chart of The Week.
If you want to follow the S&P 500, then you will need to sign up for at the website. Each week in Superstock we track the S&P 500, NASDAQ Composite, Russell 2000, Emerging Markets (EEM), 20 Year Treasury (TLT), U.S. Dollar (UUP), High Yield Bonds (HYG) and Corporate Bonds (LQD). 
Last week we looked at SPDR Gold Shares ETF (GLD) that struggled over the last several weeks. We noted it was getting close to breaking out to the upside. It remains on the brink of a breakout. If you do not respect a break into the red, then be prepared to pay a steep price for gold. A potential turn could be in the offing.
gld (1)
This week we look at Whole Foods (WFM) that is down -12.57% this morning in premarket. The 50 day slope indicator did a nice job on predicting  today’s collapse.

Been There, Done It

The European Union (EU) is preparing to charge Google (GOOGL) with antitrust violations. Is this a big deal or much ado about nothing? We think it is much ado about nothing and will stick with the stock in our portfolio within Morning Matters.

EU Complaint

Microsoft lived through the same charges paying our $2.34 billion in fines. Google has offered several solutions to solve the existing issues that the EU has with Google.


Google To Buy Twitter?

Rumors surfaced Tuesday that Google (GOOGL) might make a bid for Twitter (TWTR). Such a move would be analogous to Microsoft (MSFT) making a bid for Yahoo (YHOO) back in 2008.

Bid For Twitter

The current market value of Twitter is $33 billion and probably Google would have to pay $50 billion for it. A pretty penny. No doubt a better time to have bought it was in 2009 when it could have been picked up for $1 billion.

Plunge Protection Team

Did the infamous Plunge Protection Team strike last week and save the market? It seems likely that some entity did prop up the market last Wednesday. Worth the read.

Plunge Protection Team


How The Economy Works

Today we delve into the mind of one of the smarter money managers in the world, Ray Dalio. He runs Bridgewater which is one of the biggest hedge funds around. Several years ago he put together a terrific presentation on how the economy works. Worth the watch if you have not seen before.



The Speech

Today is all about Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen and what she will or will not say when she speaks at the Jackson Hole Conference. Personally, I think too much is being made about this speech.

The reason it has become such a big deal as Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke spurred a massive rally in August of 2010 with his Jackson Hole Speech. We note that European Central Bank President Mario Draghi will speak as well today.

Jackson Hole Preview


Merger Activity Up Mid Week

Mergers and acquisitions are fast and furious. This morning Bloomberg has a story that Infineon is looking to acquire a U.S. semiconductor company and that the deal could occur as soon as today.



West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Finds Support While Brent Crude Continues to Fall

The price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) the crude used by U.S. refiners to produce gasoline hits support while Brent Crude which is used in Europe continues to drop. Brent Crude just hit a 16 month low.

Oil Prices