Nikkei Rockets Higher

Stocks in Japan had their biggest day in 16 months as they rose 3.99%. Last Friday the Nikkei Stock Average hit correction mode dropping -10%. This morning Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund is raising its allocation to Japaneses stocks to 25%. Shorts scrambled.


IBM Corporation (IBM)

IBM Corporation (IBM) will report earnings after the close. Estimates are $4.32 versus $3.99. There is good upside for the company especially if they can report some good numbers.


Las Vegas Sands (LVS)

Gaming stock Las Vegas Sands (LVS) will report earnings after the close. Estimates are for $0.87 versus $0.82.  There is some nice upside for this name.


Linear Technology (LLTC)

Linear Technology (LLTC) will report earnings after the close. Estimates are decent at $0.53 versus $0.45. The stock is cheap thanks to the selling of tech and specifically chip stocks since late September.


Wolverine Worldwide (WWW)

Wolverine Worldwide (WWW) will report earnings before the open on Tuesday. There is some nice upside to this name that has been range bound all year.


Infosys (INFY)

Infosys (INFY) will report earnings today. Estimates are for an increase in earnings. Despite this, the stock is fully valued.


Options Activity

Options Activity By Volume

We highlight unusual options activity with unusual volume activity The third column from the left will highlight such outliers.Silver Wheaton (SLW) saw unusual call action and dropped -5%. Exxon (XOM)  saw unusual put action jump also with no news of note.

   [Image 1]

[Image 2]

The rows in the options matrix are as follows:

  • Curr Vlm = Current Option Volume for today
  • OpVol20 = 20 day Option Volume average
  • % Delta (sorted descending) = Curr Vlm/ OpVol20 * 100
  • Sym = Symbol
  • 20 HV 100HV 252HV = 20 day, 100 Day and 252 Day Historical Volatility
  • Slope = The slope of the historic vol
  • Delta = Change in slope
  • cOptInt = Call Open Interest
  • pOptInt =Put Open Interest
  • cVolum = Call Volume
  • pVolum = Put Volume

Pepsico (PEP)

Pepsico (PEP) will report earnings tomorrow before the open. There is stilll some upside despite the stock being near its 52 week high.


Costco (COST)

We own Costco (COST) in our Morning Matters Portfolio since $110.22. It will report earnings on Wednesday morning. Worth a look.


Alcoa (AA)

Alcoa (AA) will kick off earnings season on Wednesday after the close. The stock is very overvalued. We see little upside especially with European and Asian weakenss.