Chart Of The Day: Salesforce (CRM)

Salesforce (CRM) Flashing BUY Signal! Profits are growing 2X as fast as Revenue Salesforce has substantial backlog of current and long-term deferred revenue. This may make Salesforce the fastest growing enterprise software suppliers with sales over … [Read more...]

Chart Of The Day: SPY

S&P 500 Could Potentially Head To The 2200 Level By The End of This Year! A key (ECR) indicator is signaling a big move up into the end of the year. The EC Spread is a exclusive feature of Erlanger Chart Room (Video Tour) and … [Read more...]

Rebel Yell: Russia’s Putin: Willing to NUKE them!

  ISIS Waging Global War of Terror! Russia's Putin: Willing to NUKE them. One Nuke used would turn the world's financial markets upside-down!               Note: We will be referring to ISIS in our editorials as Daash Note: We … [Read more...]

IEA Forecast

The International Energy Agency (IEA) noted yesterday that the price of oil will rise to $80 by 2020. Second, OPEC will capture more of the supply as others stand aside with lower prices. IEA Forecast First of all, I do not buy into this story for a … [Read more...]

Futures Higher

In After Hours Trading IPOs on deck today none of note. Secondaries on deck today include OPXSD. In After Hours Trading: CINF+.39, CLD+.37, GILD+.35, TSS+.19, AIZ+.14, CNI+.11, ZLTQ+.10, VDSI+.09, AAPL+.09, NCR+.08, AJG+.08, AAC+.08, VRSK+.08, … [Read more...]

Developing Story

This morning it appears Turkey shot down a drone near the Syrian border that had strayed into Turkey. The $64,000 question is whether this is of Russian nature. Watch to see how this story develops this morning. Turkish Strike … [Read more...]

Futures Higher

October 5, 2015 In After Hours Trading There are 9 IPOs on deck today this week. Secondaries on deck this week BCBP SBBP. In After Hours Trading: none of note. What's Happening This Morning U.S. futures: S&P +14.25, Dow Jones +114, NDX +32.75 … [Read more...]

Today’s WTF: Carl “I Can” F$%K You

Carl Icahn is a noted hedge fund manager. He has made billions being a "corporate raider". Sometimes he is long stocks. Sometimes he is short stocks. Sometimes he is hedged. Sometimes now he produces a video. We have no problem with this approach. That … [Read more...]

Futures Lower For A Second Day

September 18, 2015 In After Hours Trading IPOs On Deck this morning Nabriva Therapeutics AG (NBRV)and Penumbra (PEN), Secondaries on deck today PE SIEN. In After Hours Trading: ADBE +.04. Lower Guidance ADBE. What's Happening This Morning U.S. … [Read more...]

Best Offense Sometimes Is A Good Defense: Outcome of Today’s FOMC Announcement

Since January of 2015, we have been playing defense in our Morning Matters and Baby Boomer Portfolio for Superstock Investor. Why? Because we knew the sideways action that took place from March into August was going to resolve either to the upside or … [Read more...]